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Pablo Bedside Table

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The ‘Pablo’ side table is a collection of faceted planes, complex angles and a delicate and crisply tapered edge. Each vantage offers a new delighting perspective of thick and thin, flat and angled form.

Made to order and available in a range of colours and natural tones. Designed and Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

Dimensions: 400mm length x 400mm width x 450mm height.
Materials: American Oak Timber with a durable two pack coating.

Specification Sheet
Download the Pablo Bedside Table Specification Sheet [PDF]
Made to Order

Made to Order means we take time and care in the production of your furniture. Each piece of furniture at Apparentt is individually constructed by hand by our team of skilled woodworkers and craftsmen. As a result, please allow approx. 6-8 weeks from the purchase date for the completion of your standard order.

Additional Information

Clear American White Oak, Stained Black American White Oak